We understand what it is like to be an innovator and entrepreneur.

INK is staffed by people who tasted failure alongside accomplishment. We know what is like to progress from what seems to be a brilliant idea, to a flashed out concept in need of validation.

We have the experience to guide you through the important milestones.

This journey includes finding MVP and seed funding, and we hope we can travel with you to reach critical junctures of follow-up investment and expansion to foreign markets. We believe that the best and brightest among you can indeed make the dream of a successful start-up a viable goal.

We can navigate the pitfalls in dealing with your partners.

Whether you seek funding or aim to sell your products or services, you will need team players who augment your core competence, share your vision while adding skill sets that you need.


Introduction to our services

At INK we know what it is like to progress from an idea to being a successful company. It is a long and arduous process, much of which you will need to do on your own. But we hope we can provide assistance on the way by offering services selectively we think we excel at.



Start-uppers start with an idea – which in and of itself is worth not a great deal – but we can assist in developing, testing, validating these ideas, bring them into focus so that the contours become more firmly etched and hopefully you will end up with a product or service that is marketable.



Often there is a prototype or even a seemingly completed product—but if milestones are missed or expectations are not met you may need to revisit your production, sales or online/offline marketing strategy —problems we have encountered often and in many cases were able to address.



Almost invariably problems will develop and in some instances help will be required to make painful decision, from the drastic, such as management or product/service line replacement to draconian, downscaling or unwinding a start-up entity. We hope not to be called in for the latter, yet corporate death may still be structured to leave value for stakeholders.


Add a layer of paint

It may happen that your focus is spot-on, the business model is validated but commercial success is hampered by lack of funds. If so, our grant and fundraising acumen may guide you toward successful fundraising.


Paint the perfect picture

Looking to exit, wishing to sell to a strategic or institutional player, or merge or perhaps list? Our transactional team is able to assist in assessing the options, provide valuation and guide you throughout the sale process to exit.

Möbius is a full-service mobile marketing agency, who help their clients with strategy consulting, product concepts, development, design and communication. Their clients include Telenor Hungary, Bookline and hvg.hu.

incubeach.MIAMI is a gateway for CEE startups and early stage companies to enter the “fast track” to a launch on the US market. They help with development advice, US infrastructure and potential funding.

Bachelor of Commerce and Juris Doctor, studied at Melbourne and -new York. He has been working as a business consultant and corporate lawyer for more than 20 years, and now focuses on startups as personal coach, corporate mentor and business consultant.

Tamas is a serial entrepreneur. He is actively running businesses across multiple industries. Loves to build companies and to help startup teams succeed.

He studied history, competition law and has a PhD in mediterranean studies. Working for 16 years as manager, advisor and director at different institutions and companies such as Hungarian Development Bank, he has really valuable experience and connections in the world of investors.

He earned a BA in Sociology, MA in History and Certificate in Network Systems Programming. He spent 10 years working for Procter and Gamble as brand manager. He is the CEO of Polish-Hungarian Export-Import Ltd., a company specialized to lead the execution of the foreign go-to-market strategies and plans of Hungarian companies in Poland and of Polish companies in Hungary.

After finishing his studies at Budapest Business School and Manscester Metropolitan University, working as a manager, and founding several Ltd-s, he is now at Miami Incubeach, helping those who want to move their startups to the USA.

He studied software technology, physics and astronomy, while working for the Satellite Geodetic Observatory as a software developer. Later, he became IT security leader at Magyar Telekom Plc., then leading system architect at the hungarian National Infocommunications Services Company Ltd., and also the leader of Portologic Informatics, of whisystemch the services include not only IT solutions but leader advisory and organization development.

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